“Gornov Group” company is a manufacturer of disposable cutlery “Fazenda” series. We are producing tablespoons and forks and we are going to produce teaspoons, knives, canapés and stirrers in the short term. In the long-term plans of our company there is the development of disposable cutlery “Fazenda – 2” production to increase the product range and attraction of our cutlery.

The main working rule of “Gornov Group” company is the responsibility to partners and clients.

We invite the wholesale companies, fast food chains and private entrepreneurs to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. The direct cooperation with the manufacturer of new product will provide your company with a guaranteed profit. The ability to adapt our production for the clients’ desire is an important factor at the conclusion of the agreement for our products supply.

Tablespoons and forks “Fazenda” series can be produced as transparent and non-transparent, and color is on a customer request. There is also a possibility of production of disposable cutlery “Fazenda” series according to a customer size request that is very important for the fast food and ice-cream manufacturers. If you need new goods with the prospect of expanding the range and a trustworthy partner, you are welcome to “Gornov Group”.

The name “Gornov Group” is a trade name of PE Gornov M. A. in accordance with Article 1538 of the Civil Code Russian Federation.


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